Our Curriculum

Firstyears offers a broad, flexible and challenging curriculum. Although based on English National Curriculum (ENC), it has been adapted to take into account our setting, values and ethics (Nigerian Curriculum) with a blend of Montessori Method in pre-school.
In firstyears, our curriculum is implemented through the foundation stage, key stage 1 (year 1 – 2) to key stage 2 (year 3 – 6) pupils are introduced to a wide range of subjects, which includes; Mathematics, English, Art and Design, P.E, French, Music, Religious Education, Drama, Citizenship,Personal Social, Health Education, Knowledge and understanding of the world.
Our curriculum is more than the lesson taught, it encourages our pupils to be independent in their judgement, to have courage and intelligence to make up their minds and be objective in decisions making.
We guide our children to acquire the knowledge and skills needed to make progress and to achieve high standards.
Music is explored, so that each child can learn to play an instrument.
A system of Continuous Assessment and realistic date are targeted for improvement to ensure that appropriate success is achieved.